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The Gap


Helping you move
forward in life.

Our mission and our vision

Help you seek, find and live out your purpose.

Our vision is to live in a world where each individual, locally and globally, experiences real freedom within oneself, by knowing their true identity and discovering their life purpose.

What are you struggling with?

Anxiety can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background.

Talking about frustrations and perceived threat’s, is a major weapon in defeating anger

Depression isn’t just feeling low or sad, it can be a very serious medical condition.

Married, or living separately, relationships are not easy!

Fear enslaves us. Through talking, we find freedom

One of the most severe illnesses people are suffering from today is loneliness.

Grief can be delayed but not avoided. In order to heal we need to grieve.


Speak freely in a safe and non-judgmental space.

The Gap Counselling helps people like you to identify and work through your issues during each hour-long session. 

Our counselling services are provided in the UK and Mallorca via video call, telephone or in person.

Lifechanging Courses


Are you stuck in your life?o you want to see a change?

The Dare to be YOU! course is designed to provoke, challenge and expose the innate gifts within you.



This 4 Week Online Video course will help you find your real identity, turning your anger into a strength.


The self-awareness course is specifically designed to provoke, challenge and realise the innate gifts that lie within you.




This course will help teens through the sometimes difficult school and college life season.


Support Areas

Our focus areas

Passion. Diversity. Educational.

We envision a world whereby every human being, locally and globally, experiences freedom within oneself by discovering and fulfilling, their unique purpose in life.


We can help you if you are struggling with grief, anger, anxiety, loneliness, depressionrelationship issues or addiction.

Our counselLing services are provided in the UK and Mallorca, via video call, telephone, or in person.

  • Individual sessions

  • Couples sessions

  • Family sessions

  • Couple/family sessions

Life-Changing Courses

We have specially designed courses to support people through their healing journey.

We believe these courses can be a great resource to impact and empower the individual, helping them to forward.

Life Coaching

We offer both group and individual coaching. These sessions are aimed to bring out your potential and develop your skills, talents, passions and gifts so that you can walk in your life's purpose.

What Our Client's Say

"We are enjoying the best relationship we ever had"

We worked with Gary for 12 session over 6 months and the results were better communication and understanding, listening to each other and being heard.
Gary was a great support for both of us, offering a safe space to be ourselves since we got married and could say we are enjoying the best relationship we ever had.
Thank you Gary

May 2023

"I felt it was a safe place, I could trust him."

I'm not big on talking about my feelings. So, there was no-one more surprised than me that from the very first session with Gary - I shared 'my stuff' . I felt I was in a safe space- I could trust him. I wasn't judged but listened too and understood.

I was lost but Gary is helping me to find myself again. Giving me the tools and the confidence to - 'be myself again'.

April 2023

"We wish we had started counselling sooner."

Gary is absolutely phenomenal. This is my third experience in counselling/therapy and by far the most excelling. I was very dubious about getting a male counsellor for couples therapy as I had fears they'd be bias, Gary proved me wrong, he's extremely fair and understanding to both parties and has a natural way letting both parties be heard and gain insight. When we joined couples therapy, we were separated, now we're back to together and going strong. We wish we'd started counselling sooner and strongly believe alot of our issues and problems in our relationship could have been avoided. We believe Gary is the cause of us reuniting and are extremely thankful we found him. Would recommend him to anyone!

February 2023

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