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Who am I?


Who am I?
Are you struggling with your identity?
Are you struggling to fit it?

This course will help you through the sometimes difficult school and college life season.

Giving you tools and strategies to help you prepare for life Dare to be YOU!

Aimed at teenagers to young adults, helping them prepare for life during their school and college years.

We are all in need of answers to arguably the 2 most important questions in life:
1 – Who am I? (Identity)
2 – Why am I here? (Purpose)

The course also helps identify the methodologies which enable them to discover and pursue their purpose as they begin to look toward life in the workplace. Our ultimate goal is for each person to know and accept that they are a unique and valued individual with a specific purpose that only they can fulfill.

Course Type

6 Weeks

Course Content

Online - Individual


Video, Text, Excercises

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