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Do you feel as if you’re not listened to? Or that you don’t have a voice at all? Listening is the most important skill required by counsellors.

Our counselling services are to provide a safe space for you to speak, allowing you to be supported during a time of emotional difficulty. The Gap Counselling helps people like you to identify and work through your issues during each hour-long session. 

Helping you with


Are you struggling to accept the end of a relationship? Are you living with someone but in love with someone else? Has sex become a barrier? Irrespective of whether we are married, living together, or living separately, relationships are not easy! They require hard work, at times, more than we are prepared to give. Relationships are the most natural, yet complex relationship between two human beings. Typically, two people come together, who know or understand very little about themselves, let alone their partner. However, the expectations from each partner towards their spouse is ‘you should know me!’ Hence why relationships continue to experience challenges in communication and expectations. Whether you are married or not, relationships can hurt, especially when a relationship has ended against your will. As with most problems, overcoming these hurdles begins with talking.


Do you have a temper and get easily angry? Are you desperate to control your anger but do not know how? Anger is an emotion, which expressed in the right context, should be perceived as positive rather than negative. Yet, anger does become a problem when the emotion controls our thoughts and actions. Anger is often released when our situation or a loved one has been threatened or are in danger of being harmed. Indeed, the root of anger is notably, frustration and lack of control. As men, not being in control of our circumstances, strikes against our core DNA. In reality, when we feel or we have little or no control, anger naturally increases, sometimes, resulting in rage. This phenomenon is within us all. Talking about one’s frustrations, insecurity and perceived threat’s is a major weapon in defeating anger that is becoming or has become out of control.


I strongly believe that the most severe illness people are suffering from today is loneliness. Loneliness is not always obvious, it does not dominate the media headlines as a disease in need of urgent cure. Loneliness is subtle, but the effect is potent. As human beings we were created for companionship and connections, yet typically, we often retreat and withdraw into our own space when faced with challenges and situations which appear to be beyond our control. Each circumstance is different, but our response is normally the same; WE DO NOT TALK! No matter the situation you are in; you are not alone. Let’s start talking. Our counselling services are provided in the UK and Mallorca, via video-call, telephone or in person.


Depression isn’t just feeling low or sad, it can be a very serious medical condition which affects your thoughts, feelings and actions, in a negative way. If you are struggling to sleep, eat, concentrate or have a loss of energy continuously for over two weeks, then you may be suffering from depression. Counselling can be a good process to help you move forward. Our trained counsellors will talk through the areas that are causing you the most harm and work towards a plan to help support you through.


Do you have an addictive personality? Are you struggling with a craving you are desperate to break? Is your life being controlled by alcohol, drugs, or pornography? It’s time to talk! Addiction is a form of self-harm. Addictions are harmful because whatever we are addicted to, normally controls us. Mentally we know the addiction is slowly destroying us and emotionally we want to break free. The problems is our habits now compel us to repeat the action, despite the intentions of our mind and our heart. You Are Not Alone! Talking alone is not the cure, but talking does lead to the root of the problem that is fuelling the addiction. Addictions are commonly birthed in fear; Fear of the past, the present and the future. Fear enslaves us. Through talking, we find freedom.


At times we can all feel anxious about certain situations. However, if you find that anxiety is stopping you from living and you would like to get some support, then get in touch. We can provide you with a counsellor who will look at different strategies and equip you with the right tools to help manage your feelings and ultimately your everyday life.

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