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Areas of Support

We do more than counselling! 

The Gap has many different areas of support, whether it is counselling, courses, coaching or training,  we are standing ‘in the gap’, supporting you through your journey, whatever direction it takes.


Our counselling services are provided in the UK and Mallorca, via videocall, telephone or in person.

Life-Changing Courses

These courses have been specifically designed to support people through their healing journey.

We believe these courses can be a great resource to impact and empower the individual, helping them move forward.


We offer both group and individual coaching. These sessions are aimed to bring out your potential and develop your skills, talents, passion and gifts so that you can walk in your life's purpose.

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Do you want to know what it is like to be in the counselling room? Hear interviews from guests, who candidly talk about life's greatest challenges. With an array of topics, you will find yourself

listening with intent and gaining knowledge about subjects sometimes people find hard to discuss.

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We regularly organise sports events to support charities such as Street Angels Spain and the Cancer Support Group. We believe that through sport, families and communities can join together, to help raise awareness and funds for charities, while also enjoying the day.

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Street Angels Spain is a charity formed to help make a difference in the community. Volunteers work in the summer months patrolling the streets of Magaluf in Mallorca, Spain.

They are there to help those people who are vulnerable, ill, hurt, lonely or lost during the early hours of the morning.

For more information, including a video of the Street Angels' work, please head to our website

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Our work also involves supporting educational facilities and young people through their academic years. Anxiety, depression and suicides are on the increase in adolescents. With pressures from family, peers, social media and society in general, growing up into adulthood can be a very turbulent time. Being able to have a ‘safe space’ where teens and young adults can express, explore and understand the issues they are facing, is a vital aid for them.

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Cancer Support Group

The Cancer Support Group is a charity based in Mallorca Spain, which helps individuals and families primarily within the ex-pat community, who are suffering from the effects of cancer. As

counsellors, we see many clients who are not only battling the physical effects of the illness but the emotional side too. We have the privilege to support people through extremely difficult times

in their lives.

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Public Speaking

At The Gap Counselling, we are often asked to speak at events in schools, universities and local businesses, on subjects relating to mental health. The feedback we receive has shown that not only is it important to keep talking about mental health but it erodes the stigma, and people have found our talks to be inspiring, educating and encouraging.

Please get in touch if you would like one of our counsellors to speak at your event.

Life-Changing Courses

Dare to be You!

Are you stuck in your life? This course is designed to provoke, challenge and expose the innate gifts within you.

Man in the Mirror

This 4 Week's Online Video course will help you find your real identity, turning your anger into a strength.


The self-awareness course is specifically designed to provoke, challenge and realise the innate gifts that lies within you.

Who Am I?

This course will help teens through the sometimes difficult school and college life season.

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